What is a Tomato Moon?

Growing up, I would stay with my Grandparents on their farm in Northern California tomato country every August. The visit always coincided with tomato harvest and we would head out to the fields after dinner to ride the harvesters, eat tomatoes like apples, and enjoy hot summer evenings hosted by a big, full and yellow harvest moon that hung heavy in the sky. The air was filled with the smells of ripe tomatoes, dry hay, tractor exhaust, the sharp green of crushed tomato plants, and dusty roads. Full moons have always been a touchstone to bring me back into this memory. A space where life was simple and all my senses felt alive and present.

Tomato Moon is my distillation of all the good things to tend and harvest in life: heart-made food, a cozy home, working with luscious yarn and cloth, and soul-warming time spent with my favorite people.

As an avid knitter and all-around-crafter, I’m always looking for a good project bag to tote around my latest work in progress. I started sewing bags several years ago and with the encouragement of friends, and my local knitting community, I launched a bag line in 2019. These sweet little totes are just right for all your stuff: crafts, groceries, makeup, toys, gifts & odds n’ ends! My small batch production results in mini-collections that sport an often one-of-a-kind mix of coordinating fabrics and bag sizes. 

On the food side, I love feeding people good food! I’ve long harbored a dream to open a tea room or a mobile tea cart to create a gathering spot and serve delicious tea and all the best finger foods that make Afternoon Tea such a fun ritual. Since that dream needs time to percolate, I’ve started selling a small selection of baked goods under Oregon’s Cottage Food Law.